I am a Christian in the Reformed tradition. My life is dedicated to living out God’s will. The path he has chosen for me. I have 3 wonderful children. Each of them are special, they are all different from one another and I do not feel kinship more intensely with any of them…I intensely love them with unwavering love. I love what Ezra Miller  has said ‘I am deeply in love with no one in particular.’

I am an addict and I am bipolar. Worse than that, I am a sinner. There are challenges and demons I fight daily, and as I grow closer to God, I find life more manageable. Prayer is a very important component of it, but taking action and availing myself of support groups, AA, books and a small group of friends and a wonderful family, my life has become more and more manageable.

Everybody has limitations, so I’m not very unique. My limitations have a name. I believe firmly we can exceed beyond our limitations with God’s help.

Sometimes it is really as simple as ‘trust and obey.’

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