Poison Ivy

This is a story about elder abuse. And I would never mean to make anyone feel stupid. And my friend is NOT STUPID by any means, but this is a story of someone taking advantage of my friend and while it is humorous it is not funny, so I hope you will bear with me and laugh when it’s appropriate and be outraged when it’s appropriate.

My dear friend told me recently that she had some people come and do her hedges for $500, and that they told her that there was some poison ivy that was there that they did not remove. I adore this lady and I wanted to help her, so I told her I would come and remove it for her.

She has a modest home, so I figured there must be a real problem with the poison ivy since $500 wasn’t enough to deal with the problem.  $500 is a lot to spend on a .25 acre lot, right? So I put on some long jeans, and I packed a long sleeved shirt, a trash bag to put my clothes in after I dealt with the problem, some clothes to change into, and I headed to Lowe’s.

At Lowe’s I picked out some gloves and I was looking at hedge clippers when a gentleman asked me if he could help me. I told him my dilemma and he said that it might be better if I bought some of this potion that kills things like poison ivy on contact and a spray bottle rather than trying to cut it down and dig it out. I thought that sounded good, so I spent $25 and bought that instead.

I went to my friend’s house and loaded up the spray bottle and went out to face the dreaded poison ivy.

There was a twig sticking out of the ground, with a few leaves attached. Seriously. Oh yes, there were a couple of other smaller twigs nearby with leaves attached. None of them were poison ivy. AT ALL. I sent a photo to my husband. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. So I asked him what he thought. He said, ‘do the branches have more than 3 leaves attached?’ I said ‘yes, they do’. He said ‘then they are not poison ivy’.

Now, I can laugh about this all I want, but is it really funny? These people took $500 of this woman’s money. It would take me about 2 hours to trim her hedges, and trust me from now on, my husband and I will be doing just that, we will be trimming her hedges. FOR FREE! And shame on these unscrupulous people for not only taking her money but trying to convince her that she had this problem that didn’t exist, and taking more of her money. Really. Shame on them.

She’s lucky. I looked in on her. How many people don’t have someone looking in on them?


Poison Ivy