Being divorced, one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do was forgive my ex-husband. Our divorce was extremely acrimonious. Lots of fights, lots of swearing (on my part), just general ugliness all around.

I was bitter and angry, and I think it showed. If it didn’t show, I was sure to make it known.

At some point I realized how much anger I had. Not just about the divorce, but also with regards to issues I had with other people. I’ve probably shared a lot on that topic, but it bears repeating. Forgiveness is a big deal to God.

In the story “The Shack,” nearing the end of the story, Papa asks Mack to forgive the man who murdered his child. Think about that. I know it’s only a story, but think about what it would take to forgive a man who murdered your child. It’s unheard of, especially in our society today.

Taken a step further, you know we…you and me put Jesus on the cross. God’s only beloved son who did no wrong. God isn’t asking us to do something harder than what He has done.

Scripture says that if we don’t forgive others, He won’t forgive us. I think it’s more that if we don’t understand how much we’ve been forgiven, we don’t understand the message of salvation and grace.

Who is it in your life that you have said ‘I will never forgive’? I can tell you that unforgiveness drains your lifeblood and holds you hostage. I can tell you that until the cows come home, but if you are holding on to that one resentment, your soul is going to suffer. So forgive! Today!


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