David and Uriah

I was just reading about David and Uriah. It’s a story I love. I was thinking about how struck I am by this story and why.

The why is that David did a horrible thing and he was still God’s beloved. I’ve done some horrible things and I am still beloved by God. That’s the message I get from this story.

The gist of the story is that David had relations with another man’s wife and she got pregnant. In order to avoid consequences, David tried to get the husband, Uriah, who was a soldier, to have relations with his wife. When that didn’t work out, David put the man on the front lines of battle, and had the army withdraw in order that Uriah would be killed. That is going pretty far to avoid consequences.

We are all capable of horrible things. What I have learned from my life is that under the right circumstances, anybody would do anything. We are basically sinners out for ourselves.

I had dinner with a friend last week. She was talking about when I was going through my divorce and how I blamed myself for everything. That’s funny to me because I thought I was taking responsibility for my part. I definitely had a part. Her point of view was that the things I did were in response to an over controlling, bully of a husband who spent years knocking me down. That’s true. But I am responsible for my choices, and I chose very self destructive ways of dealing with it. Regardless, the dynamics of that relationship were such that it never could have worked out. Ending it was the best thing for me personally.

Yesterday was my one year anniversary with my husband. It went so fast! And I’m so happy, and he’s happy also. We have a very nurturing relationship. Very intimate and romantic. We’re great friends too. I am blessed beyond belief. It’s been a great experience. I’m very grateful. I don’t take it for granted.

David and Uriah