I took a job at a community college several months ago. I’m doing administrative work in the reception area of a small campus. It has a very warm, family feel about the place. I work closely with 2 other ladies, and it’s been actually a lot of fun.

One of the ladies I work with is a pastor’s wife. She takes her faith very seriously and talks about it openly. She has 3 daughters, and she’s a very hands-on mother. She adores her girls.

She’s also very bound up in fear. Her first reaction to any kind of problem is to be afraid. Once I realized that’s how she responds to things, I could predict her response to any situation. If there’s nothing happening, she seems to dream up things to be afraid of.

I have to confess it has been annoying at times. I want to point out to her that she doesn’t come across as having a heck of a lot of faith in God. But I remember how bound up in fear I used to be. I can remember that just leaving the house to go on a walk was difficult for me. I can remember how fearful I felt in church or in a public place.

It seems to me that the main way God helps us to get past our fears is to give us situations where we are fearful and then to be faithful to us in the midst of those situations and to see us through to the other side. There’s always an other side, God is always there.

I have been a finalist for a full time programming position at a local community college for the past month. I think I have a good shot at getting a job offer, but they have been having trouble getting in touch with my references. They are mainly retired, and have been on vacation. One of my references wasn’t even in the country for the past week. So, I’ve been waiting on pins and needles.

Yesterday while I was praying for the phone to ring, I realized that my anxiety about hearing about this position was a lot like my coworker’s fear. It was a lack of a trust in God that everything is going to work out perfectly according to His plan 100%. I either got the job or I didn’t. Either way, I know His plan is good, and I trust Him.