Guy Talk

You know, there is a conversation in America right now that is important. That’s the issue of ‘guy talk.’ There are a lot of angry women in America, and they have some valid points. As Christian women, we need to have this conversation. That is, that ‘guy talk’ is not ok.

We elected a man who has made many, many comments denigrating women. His comments aren’t ok, and women are angry. As they well should be. Because this kind of talk hurts women. It devalues them. It’s inappropriate in any setting. It shouldn’t be blown off.

At the same time, men have been winking and nodding forever. It has never been front stage like this before. But it has been a part of the culture. So, let’s take this opportunity to say that it’s not ok, and we aren’t going to accept it as part of the culture or a wink and a nod. Our men have to stand up and say that they are going to value women more than that.

I do think there’s a bit of a double standard, however. When the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, the Clinton machine mowed her down. She was a young, impressionable intern, starstruck and totally taken advantage of. Bill and Hillary Clinton threw her to the wolves. Hillary did it too and she was a part of it because of her own political aspirations. It ruined her life. She has never married, and has been unable to have a career. It’s shameful. Where were the feminists then?

Let’s make sure we’re fair about this, and let’s have this conversation. It’s important.

Guy Talk

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