I’m liking the idea of less judgement in my life. I find myself being that way more as I get older.

When I was younger I was pretty judgmental. I suppose it was because I hadn’t made that many mistakes yet. Now that I know what I am capable of, I’m more forgiving of myself and others.

i like GPS systems. For one, I’m geographically challenged and I save so much time not getting lost with them. But also I like that they aren’t judgmental.

when you go the wrong way, the GPS doesn’t yell at you. It doesn’t put you down and call you an idiot. It simply recalculated and gently gets you back on the right track.

ive been practicing meditation lately. One of the main points of meditation is to focus on your breathing and when you drift off as you are wont to do, gently bring yourself back to the breath. It’s not wrong to drift off. It happens. It’s what you do when it happens.

i let myself down and get off track, and others do in my life. How much better is it to gently help each other get back on the right track?

That’s the kind of world I want to live in.


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