Forgiveness (yes again, it’s important)

I really need good bible study. When I’m reading a passage, it helps me to reframe my mind into ‘rightness.’ It is one of the most important things a Christian can do. It is a form of worship.

One of the things God has been drilling into me is forgiveness. Specifically of my former husband. In 1 John, it says several times that you cannot be a Christian and hate your fellow Christian. I know I haven’t forgiven yet, because when I read these passages, I think ‘do I hate him?’  The fact that I ask the question tells me something. So I get on my knees and pray for relief from resentments. The anger in me dissipates. I’m ready to face the day.

In the program of AA,  we talk about resentments a lot. It is said that resentments are the number one offender in the life of an alcoholic, and will drive us to the bottle if we don’t get rid of them. So we talk about how you can forgive but you don’t have to be best friends with the offender. I think that’s a way of keeping the resentment alive. The truth is that Jesus doesn’t say He will forgive but He won’t accept you into His family. On the other hand, He doesn’t force you into His family. He won’t forgive if you don’t ask for it. But He is God, and we are not. So we have to find a way to not only forgive, but love our fellow Christian.

I’m not there yet, but if I commit to forgive every day, I get a little closer. God has forgiven me a lot. Surely I can forgive a little.


Forgiveness (yes again, it’s important)

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