I’ve realized something new lately as it relates to different biblical characters. Mainly Eve, Adam, Peter and Judas.

When I was growing up, reading about these people, I had a kind of prejudice against them. I thought I would never do what they did. You might be laughing because you realize what I’ve come to see, that we are just like those people. We would do exactly what they did.

But, maybe you relate to Adam, Eve, and Peter even. Maybe you think you would take that fruit, or deny Christ under the right conditions…but you would never be a Judas.

I’ve come to see that every time we sin, we betray Christ. We sell him out very cheaply. For things we don’t even want.

During the 1960s there were some experiments conducted in which a participant was told to administer an electric shock to another participant who was in another room, if he or she answered  series of questions incorrectly. What they found was that the vast majority of people would continue to administer the shock even when they believed the person receiving the shock was being gravely injured.

This experiment was documented in the movie ‘Experiment’ which I highly recommend.

People don’t like to think they would do this, but the experiments were meant to mimic Nazis who worked in concentration camps and did what they were told even to the point of killing other human beings.

You might think you are different, but you are not. You are Adam, Eve, Peter, and yes, you are Judas.