Regretting the Past

I don’t know how you get completely past regretting the past. When I look over my life, there is a lot I wish didn’t happen. Many bad choices that compounded over time. I hurt my kids.

So, how do I reframe this? Gratitude. The truth is that I have gratitude for everything I have today. A place to stay, the chance for a new life. Even my relationship with my kids. I treasure their participation in my life. I might not have had that without the concept of grace.

Grace is that the Lord knew my path and my choices. He knew what I was missing out on. He brought me to a place of complete brokenness, and then he changed my life and healed me. The healing is ongoing.

I might have written before about my hand tremors. It was so bad, the kids had to fill out forms at the doctor’s office for me. I couldn’t sign a credit slip at the grocery store. I couldn’t do anything that required hand dexterity. I didn’t know why.

Earlier this year, I complained to my doctor that it was really bothering me. Because I’ve lost a lot of weight, he felt my medication might not be appropriate, so he adjusted it. Wow, the difference was amazing. While I do still have a little bit of a problem, I am able to write, turn pages, put on earrings, and I have hope that I can wear contacts again.

You probably aren’t grateful to be able to sign a credit slip at the grocery store. But I am, and I hope I always will be. It’s a gift.

That’s what grace is for me. God restoring what the locusts ate. There are many small things in a day that we can be grateful for. But unless you take the time to acknowledge them, you miss out on all that grace.

In AA, we are told often to make a gratitude list. Heck, even Oprah touts gratitude journals. Take a minute and say thank you. I guarantee there is more there than you realize.

Regretting the Past

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