Second Thoughts

I have been thinking about what I said last time about confrontation. Confrontation has a place when dealing with an addict, and also as Christians, there is a time to confront someone about their sin.

Confrontation, I think should be rare. You have to really be sure of what you are dealing with. Judging another person isn’t something to be done casually. But protecting yourself and others from the effects of someone’s abuse is paramount.

I have a cousin who is an addict, and has been for probably 30 years. His family has just about disowned him. They had to do that, he just has no sobriety at all. I listen to his Facebook posts, and his mind is going. He messaged me drunk the other day. I wrote back ‘get help.’ He said ‘do you still go to church?’ I said ‘I just care, that’s all.’ He was asking about church because he knows I’m a Christian. He blames a lot on the fact that he was hit by a car and can’t walk properly anymore. He said he’s been hit 5 times. I don’t know any sober people who have been hit by a car at all.

I write this because I think this guy has had confrontation out the wazoo, and it hasn’t helped. So his family doesn’t enable him anymore. Do I judge him? Not really…..getting sober is the hardest thing in the world, especially if you have no Higher Power. I stay in touch with him because he isn’t without hope, and I’ll be around if he ever asks for help.

So, I hope that presents a little more balanced view of confrontation.




Second Thoughts

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