I went to the psychiatrist on Tuesday. I go every couple of months. I had a couple of things to discuss with him, but he asked me if I’ve had any mood swings. I was happy to report that I haven’t.

On my way out, I was given a sheet with my visit information on it. On that form, right at the top said ‘Diagnosis: Bipolar – in remission.’ Wow! That came as a surprise to me. I hadn’t considered that there was such a thing as remission.

I was diagnosed 15 years ago. I have had a constant roller coaster of moods and energy levels for all that time. It’s been hard, and sometimes hellish. It’s a huge relief to be off that coaster at this time.

I think a few things contributed to it. One was letting go off substances that altered my mood. Even so, I still had mood swings, but less.

Another thing is nutrition. I’m eating healthier foods. Fewer processed foods and more vegetables. I take a vitamin consistently.

I cannot over emphasize the contribution exercise makes to leveling out my moods. It increases my energy, gives me a sense of well being, and an outlet for my emotions.

I hope my illness remains manageable, but if it doesn’t, then I pray I will evaluate what’s going on in my life and make adjustments to keep these things, the sobriety, the nutrition, and workouts as a constant in my life.

Finally, being in a relationship that is  caring, affirming, and nurturing raises me up a few levels. I’m so grateful God saw fit to bring my fiance into my life.


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