All Forms of Addiction

I was told once by someone close to me that they wouldn’t support me in my endeavor to be sober until I gave up ALL my addictions. They listed food, soda and coffee in addition to any prescription or over the counter medications or alcohol.

That was disheartening for me at the time because I was addicted to all kinds of things. I tucked it in and worked toward dealing with the addictions that were ruining my life.

I once had a therapist who said I could be free of addictions when my life was in balance. I was in a pretty awful situation at the time, and neither had the will nor the ability to be free.

After my separation, I moved in with my parents. They provided a healthy model for living. They didn’t tolerate my chemical addictions, but they loved me and nurtured me back  to health. They were supportive. They focused on the positive. I know it was hard for them. They believe, and I agree, that I would be dead now if things had stayed the same.

God began to heal me spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. It was a slow process.

Lately, I’ve realized that it has begun to happen. I’ve shed many addictions including food, coffee, soda, any kinds of pills, alcohol. I don’t have cravings. I’m not suffering. My psychiatrist says I’m in remission from the bipolar symptoms.

But, I have also realized that I still have addictions. The one I feel I must focus on is being addicted to videos. If I could free myself up from this, I think my quality of life would improve, and I could focus on things that matter. I’m not saying I won’t watch anything, but rather just decrease the amount to a more healthy level.

I say that here and now, but there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to deal with this. And it is greatly improved since I’m in school and working out more. I’ll be praying about it and come up with a plan soon.

It’s nice to feel I have the ability to handle any addiction. I know that ability comes from the Lord.

All Forms of Addiction

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