The Real Me

I’ve given this a lot of thought. Who is the real me?

When I was sick, people would say to me that they wanted to see the ‘real Missy’ again. I didn’t know who that was. I lived in defeat for a long time. I thought that Missy wasn’t there anymore.

Getting sober and getting myself balanced, returned something to me I thought was lost forever. I am more brave, more intelligent, more comfortable in my own skin. I have taken hold of the strength I thought was gone forever.

I read a meme today that said ‘Please remember the real me when I cannot remember you.’

That’s when I realized that each of us has a ‘real me’ that is distorted by thee world and sin. When we go to heaven, we will be the authentic self God made us to be. There is a ‘real me’ and there is a ‘real you.’

That gives me comfort. It also gives me the compassion to look past other people’s weakness, and try to see the person God made them to be. I would like that compassion, just like anybody else.

The Real Me

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