Pain, Not Unforgiveness

I  think over every person’s life, they experience pain from other people. They have been offended, it was wrong, it  shouldn’t have happened, and it hurts.

That’s been my experience, and over the years I’ve prayed to forgive so many things, but the feelings came back.

Maybe we all have that one person who hurt us more deeply than anybody else. I had that person. I pressured that person for apologies he didn’t mean. That was rather unsatisfying.

I was jogging/walking the other day, and praying and something popped into my head. I told the Lord I wanted to forgive, and He said I had.

Think about it….I am not looking for an apology, or change or anything. I want nothing from this person. I have forgiven. I just still have pain. Only God can remove that pain.

To know you have forgiven is a wonderful thing. Trusting God to see it through with you is even better.

Pain, Not Unforgiveness

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