Confident Hope

I struggle with unbelief quite a bit. It’s how I was built. Perhaps most people struggle with it off and on. It has just been part of my walk.

I’ve heard many Christian speakers and teachers talk about believing God. Beth Moore wrote a whole book about it. I read that book more than once.

Today I was reading my bible for the day and I found this verse:

13 I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.

For whatever reason, I think I miss the part of the verse that said ‘because you trust in him.’ Today I noticed it. I realized that I am filled with joy and peace today. I do believe what God says. I do waver, but I’m more centered around believing God and seeing what he’s done in my life. I have an enormous amount of gratitude for that.

God is good.

Tyndale House Publishers. (2013). Holy Bible: New Living Translation (Ro 15:13). Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers.

Confident Hope

The Real Me

I’ve given this a lot of thought. Who is the real me?

When I was sick, people would say to me that they wanted to see the ‘real Missy’ again. I didn’t know who that was. I lived in defeat for a long time. I thought that Missy wasn’t there anymore.

Getting sober and getting myself balanced, returned something to me I thought was lost forever. I am more brave, more intelligent, more comfortable in my own skin. I have taken hold of the strength I thought was gone forever.

I read a meme today that said ‘Please remember the real me when I cannot remember you.’

That’s when I realized that each of us has a ‘real me’ that is distorted by thee world and sin. When we go to heaven, we will be the authentic self God made us to be. There is a ‘real me’ and there is a ‘real you.’

That gives me comfort. It also gives me the compassion to look past other people’s weakness, and try to see the person God made them to be. I would like that compassion, just like anybody else.

The Real Me

Pain, Not Unforgiveness

I  think over every person’s life, they experience pain from other people. They have been offended, it was wrong, it  shouldn’t have happened, and it hurts.

That’s been my experience, and over the years I’ve prayed to forgive so many things, but the feelings came back.

Maybe we all have that one person who hurt us more deeply than anybody else. I had that person. I pressured that person for apologies he didn’t mean. That was rather unsatisfying.

I was jogging/walking the other day, and praying and something popped into my head. I told the Lord I wanted to forgive, and He said I had.

Think about it….I am not looking for an apology, or change or anything. I want nothing from this person. I have forgiven. I just still have pain. Only God can remove that pain.

To know you have forgiven is a wonderful thing. Trusting God to see it through with you is even better.

Pain, Not Unforgiveness

Shopping Cart Selfishness

I’ve  been reading a great book by RC Sproul called ‘Truths We Confess.’ It’s a commentary on the Westminster  Confession of Faith.

In the section about the Triune God, it has a paragraph on wisdom that caught my attention.

‘Wisdom is not an abstract philosophical concept. It has to do with practical actions. It compels us to live righteously – to know and do the right thing. At times we lack this wisdom , but God, the source of supreme wisdom, promises to give it to us liberally. Who is this God whom we worship? We keep coking back to who He really is. If we considered only His wisdom, that would be enough to keep us worshipping Him forever.’

It got me thinking that if I was looking at a situation in which I  was tempted to sin, maybe I would think twice about it if I asked myself whether or not I was making a wise decision.

Fresh out of the grocery store this morning, I had a cart and my car was parked far from the place to put your grocery carts. I was tempted to just empty the cart and leave it where I was parked.

The thought popped in my head, that it wasn’t wise. It might be expedient, but it’s selfish, a bit lazy and quite entitled. It’s a small thing, but what if everybody did it. The store and the customers all depend on everybody doing their part.

Maybe I’m sharing this example because the bigger ones are so much more foolish. But I do like approaching things this way. It might help me to be less selfish. It might bring more blessings.

Shopping Cart Selfishness