Why Do We Hate Jesus?

I am finishing up a book written by a lady in the late 1800’s. She talks about how excited she was to share Christ when she became a Christian. She practically stood on corners preaching the good news, and people responded positively!

If I were to stand on a corner to preach Jesus, I would be ignored, ridiculed, maybe arrested. In fact, I remember people on the corners at metro stops in Washington, DC doing it and thought they were ridiculous. Me, a believer, mentally ridiculing another believer.

When I was introduced to the internet, I had the opportunity to share my faith with others. What ended up happening was that I was schooled by some pretty well-studied atheists as to all of the ‘fallacies’ of Christianity. I did not convert anybody, but I was introduced to the field of apologetics, and some great authors. I became a somewhat well-rounded Christian. God used that period to school me on the basics.

I worked in a liberal college, and I was open about my faith, and I wonder if that was wise in retrospect. We live in a culture where you keep politics and religion out of the workplace. I can’t say that’s a good or a bad thing. But sharing your faith, or proselytizing in the workplace seems inappropriate in today’s climate.

I guess my question is, what happened? The news of Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection is the best news in the history of the world. Why aren’t we more excited about it? That is to say,  why aren’t we Christians more excited about it?

I have some theories that I can  spell out in another post, but my post today is for you, yourself to ask yourself, ‘where is my excitement?’ Ask yourself, ask God.  I believe what Jesus did should excite all of us. What’s wrong?

Why Do We Hate Jesus?

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