Phrases that Lie

Sometimes when I really want something, I believe the enemy gives me an excuse to use in order to do what I’m not supposed to do. I think it happens to most people. Over the years I have collected a few of these excuses. Being aware has helped me to avoid acting on my impulses.

The big one, and I hear this a lot is ‘God wants me to be happy.’ Or ‘God doesn’t want me to be unhappy.’

In truth, I think what is meant by that is ‘I’m unhappy and I can’t take it anymore.’ I’ve been there and by the grace of God I have grown past that. I do have sympathy for people who have difficult situations. But I don’t think it’s ok to contradict God’s will in order to do what clearly is not his will.

I have done this, so I don’t have ill will towards others who do it. But it is sad because I think sticking with God’s will despite bad circumstances creates character. Pulling away from God robs us of a relationship with Him and the love he has to offer us.

The other phrase I’ve heard is ‘God is allowing this.’ This one makes no sense to me because the Bible is 5,000 years of history of how God deals with His people. I haven’t found any exceptions that God allowed to a certain person that goes against His law. It’s really just another really bad excuse.

I’m not perfect, and I have no condemnation for people who are struggling on their path. I’ve struggled as well. I simply try to continue to do better.

Phrases that Lie

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