Praying for Things

I’ve changed a lot the past few years, and I approach prayer completely differently.

My MO has always been to offer up what I want in prayer. The scripture says that you have not because you ask not. So I asked.

Over time I realized that some of the things the Lord  gave me weren’t good for me. God probably got real frustrated with me and gave me what I asked for. I regret that for a couple of reasons….first, it wasn’t pleasant, second, I substituted my own judgment for the Lord’s.

Now when I pray,  I think about what is of eternal significance. Yes, I want my child to get good grades, but even more I want him to experience the salvation of Christ. When he walks with the Lord, he will be saved, and that’s important. I know the Lord wants it for him too.

I do pray for people  to be healed. I don’t know the kingdom significance of that, but I don’t think God likes suffering. I leave it up to Him to decide.

I don’t think God reveals to me the right decision to make in any given circumstance. I try to do what’s right and live with wrong decisions.

I do think God cares about the minutia of my life. He cares about everything I care about. So I talk to God about everything. I think he wants to talk to me and be with me. I think that is His will.

I know this doesn’t make me a prayer giant. It might not be new to any mature Christian. But for me it’s the recognition of my maturation in my relationship with the Lord. It it my hope that I grow and learn and will be an even more effective prayer warrior.

Praying for Things

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