Guilty of Jealousy

I have a lot of Christian friends….naturally. Many of them inspire me. Most do. But I have a bad habit. I compare.

In AA they say don’t compare someone’s outsides to your insides. I’m guilty of doing that with Christians.

I have a really good friend who has lived her life with the Lord to the best of her ability on the outside. Naturally, she has her own sin issues and areas the Lord is working on with her. I don’t know what those are.

She homeschooled her kids and they are now attending very high quality schools and by all appearances are brilliant. They are obedient, kind and exhibit the qualities I’d love to have cultivated in my children.

On Thursday nights, her family has a bible study together. It never occurred to me to do that. The best I could do was try to have a family devotion after dinner which never went well.

I could give many examples of friends who I am proud of. But I can’t let that get me down. My path is not theirs. I was given an illness and a disease, and I’ve had to muddle through. But that doesn’t mean God doesn’t have a great plan of redemption for me. He’s already redeemed me from so much.

Maybe the trick is to let people inspire me instead of having envy for them. We all have our own story. Most people don’t care too much for their story. But when we are with the Father, we will see how beautiful our story was.

Guilty of Jealousy

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