Praying for Relief

I had some extensive dental work done a few days ago and it was absolute hell. I’ve done work in the  past, and haven’t had as much trouble as I had these days. The following from ‘Practicing the Presence of Christ’ was a help to me.

‘I have often been near expiring, but I never was so much satisfied  as then. Accordingly, I id not pray for any relief, but I prayed for strength to suffer with courage, humility and love. Ah, how sweet it is to suffer with God! However great the sufferings may be, receive them with love. It is paradise to suffer and be with Him; so that if in this life we would enjoy the peace of paradise we must accustom ourselves to a familiar, humble, affectionate conversation with Him.’

Don’t get me wrong, I suffered badly. But this passage might have given me a step or two forward in trusting God.


Praying for Relief

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