Ropes of Lies

Short post today. It piggy-backs on yesterday’s post about guilt. It comes from Isaiah 5:18. I have to say, I get more out of the Old Testament than I ever have before.

The verse goes like this:
18 What sorrow for those who drag their sins behind them
with ropes made of lies,
who drag wickedness behind them like a cart!

I think the point is that we drag out sins around behind us even though we don’t have to. And what are the lies? The lies are the accusations made by the enemy that we believe and allow him to secure the sins behind us. In my mind I see a heavy cart that we pull along, believing we have no other choice.

Once again, the answer is to let go. To reject the lies, and take our sins to the Lord. When we repent, he’s faithful to forgive us, and we need trouble ourselves no more about them. Unless we want to believe the enemy.
Tyndale House Publishers. (2013). Holy Bible: New Living Translation (Is 5:18). Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers.

Ropes of Lies

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