I’m really relating to Saul this time through Samuel. He is a character nobody wants to emulate, and I’ve always been hard on him, but this time around I feel a little sorry for him.

The text I’m reading is in 1 Samuel 28. Samuel died and Saul banned all spiritualists and mediums throughout the land. I don’t know why he did this, but my suspicion is that he knew they were wrong, but he was tempted to use them. So he tried to make it impossible.

As an addict, I have thrown away everything I thought was bad at one point or another. I have dumped alcohol down the drain. I have put cigarettes into the garbage disposal. I have given up my credit cards. For whatever purpose……and then that moment of temptation came and I was most ingenious in finding a way to get SOMETHING to satisfy that bad feeling in me.

Saul went to the trouble of totally disguising himself and going to this medium to find the answer he was looking for. He didn’t have to ban mediums in the first place, but he did, and now, in a rather silly fashion he went disguised in the night to ask questions of someone he really knew was not the right person to ask. He was desperate for an answer, and in the end, if you read the text, Samuel did speak to Saul and he told Saul that he should turn to the Lord and not mediums.

The truth is just the truth. I can obsess about something I want to put into my body to make me feel better, and I can put that thing inside me, but it will never be the answer I need. The answer I need is the Lord. A close, personal relationship with the Lord.

I really think people who don’t have cravings and obsessions are fortunate. I have freedom from most of the addictions I have experienced, but I was built with a desire to constantly feel better or different, and the answer to that was to fill those cravings with healthy replacements. Those would be AA meetings, scripture, prayer, exercise, calling a friend and so on. There are many excellent habits that allow me to live life without digging in the trash for something that’s not going to satisfy.


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