There was  an old movie that is shown a lot on Saturday afternoons called ‘The Cutting Edge.’ (1992) The story centered on 2 ice skaters who hated each other so much, they loved each other. During one scene of the movie, the female began to talk about how things could seems one way and ‘Flip!’ they were another way. ‘Flip!’ she said, throwing herself at him. She was unfortunately drunk at the time and he declined due to the fact that he really loved her. But the term ‘Flip!’ stuck with me. Here is an optical illusion to demonstrate what I’m talking about. It’s easy to see the two separate images: 2 ways The reason I’m demonstrating this, is that life can be that way and I think we do ourselves a huge disservice if we aren’t flexible about things not being the way they seem.

In the book of Samuel, Saul the king spent a lot of time trying to chase David down as an enemy and kill him. He got close to David, went into a cave to relieve himself and David was in the cave. David cut off a piece of his garment, unbeknownst to Saul. He then took it to prove that he was not Saul’s enemy. Upon seeing this Saul was undone. FLIP! This is what Saul said: Is that really you, my son David?” Then he began to cry. 17 And he said to David, “You are a better man than I am, for you have repaid me good for evil. 18 Yes, you have been amazingly kind to me today, for when the LORD put me in a place where you could have killed me, you didn’t do it. 19 Who else would let his enemy get away when he had him in his power? May the LORD reward you well for the kindness you have shown me today. 20 And now I realize that you are surely going to be king, and that the kingdom of Israel will flourish under your rule. 21 Now swear to me by the LORD that when that happens you will not kill my family and destroy my line of descendants!”

WOW! What  a turn of events and all it took was the hem of a garment. See how life can change? I’ve spent a lot of time being mad at the things my former husband did, but sometimes I have a moment of clarity where I realize that he’s deeply flawed, but not evil. I’ve been able to forgive him by the grace of God, and I’m happy and glad to not have to live the rest of my life in that relationship. I haven’t written a lot about this, but I feel like I’m getting to a place of freedom from forgiveness and bitterness and I don’t require any explanations. What caused my ‘Flip!’? Honestly, falling in love again. I’d like to be the kind of person who could forgive whether circumstances are good or poor, but apparently I’m not yet. I’m in love. I’m happy and hopeful, and happier than I ever have been. So, it’s easy to forgive. I think God will give me lots of opportunity to forgive in the future and perhaps I’ll be more quick about it. It’s certainly freeing.


Tyndale House Publishers. (2013). Holy Bible: New Living Translation (1 Sa 24:16–21). Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers. \


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