Being a King

I would say most people would want to be a king. They are the head of everything. They say what is to be done, and what isn’t. Let’s face it….some kings did some crazy ass things (pardon the french). They sought higher and higher honors and ways of being worshiped.

They were constantly in fear of their lives and they worked hard to protect their positions.

In short, it seems to me that the life of a king was full of fear. Fear of losing what they had, and coveting more.

In a way, I’m like that. I fear losing friends, my status (such as it is), my home. I don’t do crazy things like throw spears at those who threaten me the way Saul did, but I have air-conditioning. (Think Jack Nickelson in ‘A Few Good Men’ ‘This fucking heat is making me positively crazy).

Perhaps I wouldn’t like to be a king. The King I have is more than enough for me. Loving, kind, forgiving, giving, and gentle. And he tells me I’m a princess. I don’t have a crown yet, but someday I will, and so will all the people I love (I hope). I won’t have to be afraid of losing that crown or keeping power. I’ll love and serve in the heavenly kingdom doing God’s work, the work he purposed for me to do since before I was conceived.

I hope heaven has a/c.

Being a King

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