I’m going to steal liberally from Beth Moore today regarding a lesson in her series ‘Children of the Day.’ Week 3, day 2. The whole lesson is excellent.

She goes into a lot of detail about hindrances, specifically those in Paul’s life. There are a lot of examples of Paul’s ministry being hindered by Satan, jail, shipwreck, house arrest…..there are others….but the point of it is that he didn’t allow the hindrances to hinder his ministry. God allowed these things to happen, and perhaps Paul could have done more, but he did exactly what God planned for him.

I identified 2 hindrances in my life. The two big ones. Addiction and divorce. I realized they are related. I also realize that they no longer define me unless I allow them to.

God has given me 2 gifts that I must acknowledge. First, new love. Never thought it would happen again, and I was prepared that it wouldn’t, but it happened. It’s wonderful, different, and fun. I’m totally committed to enjoy every minute of it.

Second, and more important, sobriety. I wouldn’t have new love that had any shot at all if i wasn’t sober. I wouldn’t have a life at all. It’s not even about avoiding jails, institutions and death, it’s about the fact that there are gifts God wants to offer his children and they are wonderful if we accept them.

The hindrances I mentioned haven’t gone away. But they don’t prevent me from living out God’s plan for me. I just have to get up in the morning and lay aside what formerly hindered me and be the child God made me to be.


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