Youtube Prayers

I way under utilize Youtube. But the more I dig in, the more I find. Do you know you can have a tutorial on how to do makeup like Jennifer Lawrence in 2013? Hahaha….well, there are useful things too.

When I was having a lot of trouble sleeping, i turned to Youtube. There are many relaxation videos and I would focus on them to try to get to sleep. I spoke of that earlier, and it might have worked somewhat but there were no dramatic differences, so I quit.

Still, there are so very many of them.

I have been using the ‘Battle Ready Prayer’ for 2 years or more. It’s about 15-20 minutes long and it’s beautiful and intricate and I love it, but I got up today and said that I wasn’t inspired and I didn’t feel I could connect. So I went to Youtube and put in ‘Christian prayer.’ Here is  the first one that came up:

I like having words to pray. My brain isn’t creative enough to come up with the eloquence written by many, many great people of the faith. So I steal and covet other people’s prayers to a certain extent.

In the book ‘Taking Hold of God,’ by Joel R. Beeke and Brian G. Najapfour, there is a chapter on John Bunyan. John Bunyan in around 1600, believed in praying in the Spirit. He eschewed the state sponsored church’s liturgies and rote prayer. He went to jail for most of his life for proposing this point of view.

I get that point of view. Saying a rosary can be a meaningful experience, or it can be just a ‘going through the motions.’

The key is to make prayer meaningful. When I follow a written prayer, am I paying attention to it? Am I talking to God as I go through it?

In the Episcopal Church, they have extensive liturgy. I attended an Episcopal Church for over 10 years and I tried every week to connect to the words that were so familiar. The one true thing about having a liturgy that you know so well, is that it’s in your mind and heart verbatim.

Here is how I do it today:

I have a list on my computer that has people’s names and prayer requests. Each day I click off each one.

Then I pray a prayer that is written. I get them from different places. I like this Youtube find because it’s like a new window opening up with lots of different kinds of prayers. New prayers mean new ideas. A new understanding of God. So, unlike John Bunyan, I won’t be going to prison for refusing to recite written prayers.

Youtube Prayers

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