There are a couple of kinds of people when it comes to teasing. Those who don’t mind it, and those who do.

My daughter was one who minded it. She was always that way. Sometimes kids do and say funny things and you think it’s cute and adorable and you laugh. She didn’t like that. Not one bit. Not ever. I tried to not laugh, but I told her that it was cute and funny and it didn’t mean I thought she was stupid or ridiculous. She never liked it and I never teased her. When she did funny things, I tried not to laugh and I didn’t share it with others.

My youngest son; however, thrived on it. He loved doing things to make me laugh and he did it on purpose and often. He’s 15 now, and he doesn’t care for it as much, but he still gets a curl in his upper lip when we talk about things from when he was younger. He was always quite pleased with himself when we talk about him doing something ‘naughty.’ He intuitively knows it doesn’t mean anything bad about himself.

I am probably more like my daughter but I do want to be the kind of person who can laugh at myself, and I try not to take myself too seriously. There are a lot of things about me I can laugh at. Then there are a few that aren’t as funny. Those are the things I don’t like being teased about.

My hope is that as I get more comfortable with myself, and I’m able to live an authentic life, I will be more able to poke fun at myself. I think I used to want to change who I was more than I do today.

And if my daughter does something funny, I will not laugh.


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