I am fierce in a couple of ways. People who don’t know me well won’t see this, but my intensity on the inside is incredibly strong and has led me in both good and bad directions in my life.

Earlier this year I said I wanted to focus on being gracious. Many times in life there are people or situations that have upset me and made me angry and didn’t afford the opportunity to express it, if I was behaving properly. I know this is easy for a lot of people.

I felt it last week in court. Things were said that I felt were incredibly unfair and unkind, and I was furious! I wanted to respond, but, of course, in court you wait your turn. That turn didn’t come.

I didn’t say anything, and the opportunity passed, and after it was all said and done, it was ok. Nobody had to know how I felt. God asked me to let it go, and I did. And it was a huge relief in the end. I didn’t say anything I’m sorry for, and things worked out well.

People are mean, and there aren’t words that will change that. Ever write a really long email to respond to a problem? I haven’t had great success with that. But when I let things go and give that person grace, I am free.

Today is a great day of freedom for me. Freedom from the past, from financial hardship, from living in a difficult situation. Being gracious has extricated me from the bondage of anger and resentment. It hasn’t changed how other people behave or believe, but it’s worth letting go of all of that in order to experience the peace I have today.

Life isn’t always fair.


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