Worshiping with Sinners

I’m a critical person, as most people know. I don’t want to think of all of my tendencies as negative because being about to discern things is a good thing, and evaluate things can be a very good thing.

But I  haven’t been in a church, except one, in which I didn’t have a critical spirit about other people in the church. This one is too outspoken, they are an idiot, they do this or that wrong.

I attended a service a long time ago where a woman spoke about when she would go to church, and on the way home they would criticize the pastor, the sermon, the musc, the people. And then she realized that they weren’t worshiping or honoring God at all. They were just being critical.

I’m not in a place right now where I criticize the church service, but I know a lot of Christians I put down in different ways. Paul deals with it thusly:

New Living Translation Reference

It is simple obedience.

Worshiping with Sinners

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