A Message About Worship

I’m one of the worst people to talk about worship, but I was reading Timothy today and it really spoke to me.

Timothy is written by Paul, and 1 Timothy has a lot to do with relationship, especially within the church.

I’m going to make this into two posts. The first is the more difficult for me. It is about praying for all people. ALL PEOPLE.

It’s easy for me to pray for unbelievers. They have an excuse. But praying for Believers? Wow, not so easy. But I have tried to become willing to be willing. Today, reading this section, which is 1Timothy 2:15, it gave me a blueprint and here it is

1) pray for all people
2) ask God to help them
3) intercede on their behalf
4) give thanks for them

Well, I got stuck on ‘intercede’. Let’s face it, for me, interceding would be praying ‘God, please take away their negative attributes that bother me.’ or ‘Lord, please make them not such an asshole.’ Hahahah….but that’s not what it means. When the Holy Spirit intercedes for me, I hope He doesn’t say things like that…..even though he could!

No, it’s asking for good things for them. Less anxiety, less fear, less anger, more peace, more joy.

I had a friend years ago who would pray in combat with her husband. He would say ‘I pray you would make her not such a shrew’ and she would pray ‘Lord I pray you would make him not such a jerk!’ They laughed about it later, but it is at its base what we are tempted to do.

A Message About Worship

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