Crazy Like That

There is a scene in the movie ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ that I relate to a lot.

The reason I relate is because people will treat you a certain way when they think you are crazy. The way they treat you is the way they interpret you are crazy. Sometimes people even use it to manipulate a situation, to get what they want or make themselves more sane and responsible and therefore your point of view doesn’t matter. So, I think that’s what the character is responding to in this scene, and I think it might be the impulse of every ‘crazy’ person to respond the same way. But we don’t….well, I don’t…..or, at least I haven’t….yet!

I have a friend whose daughter was just checked into the hospital to deal with some issues. It struck me hard, and I was immediately taken back to the first time, the first night in the first hospital I went into. The bed so stark and lonely. The fear.

Fortunately my friend’s child is having a better, less fearful visit. But what I realized is that first visit changed me. I went from a person with issues, to a crazy person. That’s what the hospital did. It married me to my insanity. I was no longer suffering with issues.

I was crazy.

Crazy Like That

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