Who My Spirit Is

I have wondered here before about who we are at the base of it all. I was doing some reading that gave me an idea. I am so grateful for the gifts God gives people, and the fact that they use it to help other people. So this is a case of that.

The book, I mentioned before, ‘The Case for Grace‘ by Lee Strobel. As I said, he’s a great author, a Christian apologist, and very easy to understand.

Near the end of the book, he relays an experience he had due to a health condition that filled him with fear and doubt. His son came to him and said a prayer I found very interesting. Here is part of it:

“I affirm that I’m not defined by my abilities, my roles, or my accomplishments. At my deepest places, I’m not my behaviors, my feelings, my choices, my personality quirks, my virtues, or my vices. I am not defined by how much I succeed or what other people think of me.”

That is such a relief to me! I hate my behaviors, feelings and choices. All of those things that I fight against every day ARE NOT ME! What a relief, and what a gift to have it spelled out like that.

So who am I?

The prayer goes on…

I am yours, God, created for union with you. In my deepest place, I am a naked spirit clothed in the righteousness of Christ. I am precious in your eyes. I am fully pardoned of my guilt and fully accepted by you. I am your child, beloved by you for eternity and held in your everlasting embrace. THAT is who I truly am.

I read in the Screwtape Letters today that God seeks to separate us from ourselves in order to restore us to ourselves. While the enemy just seeks to separate us from ourselves.

I don’t always know who I am, but I believe restoring myself to God is a matter of just accepting His grace daily. Recommitting and re-adhering to what I believe and who I love.

Who My Spirit Is

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