Soundtrack to Your Life

I thought I heard that phrase one time with regard to itunes or headphones or something. In today’s world where we have cheap, portable music, it’s really true you can have your own soundtrack wherever you go.

Music moves me. It reaches deep inside. I have music for every mood. The thing I enjoy most about working is that I’m allowed to wear headphones.

I recently pulled up and oldie but goodie. Charlie Peacock. Many will remember my fondness for a song of his sung at my wedding.

I saw Charlie Peacock at Fishnet in 1990. It was the worst day. It was a rainy, muddy day, and it was cold, except when the sun came out and then it was hot. All my clothing was wet. I remember having one black sleeveless top that was damp and hot, and then the sun was on it, it was roasting and humid.

In spite of that, I saw this guy perform. He wasn’t that good-looking. He didn’t have a snazzy show. It was simple, but his lyrics were stunning to me and the partner he sang with was amazing, and I was completely drawn to his music.

I bought an album of his….at least one, perhaps three. I wore them out. I got his music on cd and wore it out. Thank God for itunes, right?

Since the separation, I didn’t think I could handle his music. There are a lot of ‘woman/man’ kind of songs. Not your typical love songs, but lovely.

I put in something of his the other day and wow, I’m back. He’s back….whatever! I’ve chosen a song to represent his music….even though it is wildly diverse, I think this is a good representative.

It makes me sad, yes, but not predominantly. Predominantly it is binding me to some real fundamental Christian beliefs about love and living life. It makes me think of times in my walk that were warm, and felt secure, and joy. And the thing of it is that the joy didn’t come from a regular man. It came from Christ and my desire to follow Him. And it inspires me today.

Soundtrack to Your Life

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