My Decision About Dating

Mark my words! Isn’t that what you say when you are inevitably going to be wrong??

I’ve thought about men and dating and my future off and on. Mostly off, honestly. So I wanted to make a declaration of sorts.

Back when I first became a Christian and I met divorced people, I noticed that in the Christian dating community, remarriage was a subject of great import. People want to know if it’s ok to marry someone after you are divorced.

I think asking the question reveals more about you than you would want God to know. In general. Just my opinion.

If I were really involved in what God wants, I might be so busy with other things, marriage wouldn’t come up.

I don’t even know why divorced people want to remarry. Was it not awful enough for you?

Sure, I like thinking of being friends with a man. Sharing things, Growing together. I do have dreams. But when I think about the validity of me marrying again….if I have to ask the question, I know the answer. I do not think I am free to remarry. Not now.

Now, that’s somewhat ok by me. I have a lot to work through, even 2 years post marriage. But aren’t there better things? More gratifying tasks to be involved with?

i don’t know if I have the right to marry or remarry. I hope I have enough things to focus on rather than that, until such time as it becomes an appropriate question. If ever.

My Decision About Dating

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