Screwtape Letters

I never finished ‘The Screwtape Letters’ by C.S. Lewis, although I worked through it a long time ago. I picked it up again lately, and I have learned so much in just the 4 ‘letters’ I’ve read so far.

The thing of it is that we are good at playing games with ourselves, and the idea is that Satan and his minions, demons and so on, are aware of our weaknesses and they conspire to use them against us.

In AA, it’s called ‘looking for the motive under the motive.’

For example, if I was to pray for someone I am mad at, that they would be kinder. I’m focusing on myself, aren’t I? What do I want?

Maybe she needs prayer for her health. I don’t pray for that because it doesn’t affect me. That makes me feel like a less kind person. Now I need to pray for kindness.

Sometimes things go full circle.

Screwtape Letters

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