First Adam

I haven’t written much about my marriage, and that might be odd since I’ve been going through this horrible divorce for so long. Surely so much of what I feel, and who I have been the past few years is related to my marriage. But I don’t want to be unfair.

I hope I have accepted responsibility for myself. Regardless of him. But it was all intertwined. I have an illness, bipolar, and I have a disease, addiction. So, I’m a pretty bad bet.

I’m not going to list his faults or issues. I’m just going to say that he fell short. He was the first Adam.

Jesus is the second, and he is the perfect husband. He gets my issues, he challenges me to reach higher….to be perfect as He is perfect. I love him, and he loves me, and he wont’ allow me to continue in sin, but he will help me to achieve obedience and righteousness.

If I had to say now, whether or not I will marry again. I say no. I have the perfect husband.

First Adam

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