We make a lot of investments into this life. We have health insurance, car insurance, life insurance. All kinds of money to be paid to us if and when bad things happen. We go to school for years and years, and years. We train ourselves to do work.

We buy homes. Buildings and land. We work our whole lives to pay off the homes we purchase. We buy cars,, clothes, gold and jewelry. We buy things to last.

Some of us get more things to invest in than others. Rich people get a lot.

Which leads me to my story of the young rich man who came to Jesus looking for absolution.

Matthew 19:16 The young man came to Jesus to ask ‘what must I do to inherit eternal life.’ Jesus’ answer is not good enough for him. He perhaps means to show piety of some kind by asking further. Jesus tells him to sell all he has and follow Jesus.

The man is sad and goes away. He loses out on eternal life, and why? He invested too much into this one.

When I was little, I would think to myself ‘ if being grown means I can’t play this or that, then I don’t want to grow up.’ or ‘if I can’t have my toys in heaven, I don’t want to go.’ I didn’t have much, but what I have, the life I have, I couldn’t imagine it being better.

God blesses us in this life with many things to enjoy, and we shouldn’t feel guilty for enjoying them. But hold it all in an open hand because what God gives, He can take away.

He is what we seek.


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