There are many things in scripture that have never made sense to me. I read them time and again, but there is something that sticks with me, and apart from a commentary, I don’t get it.

That said, when I keep and open mind and heart, sometimes these things are cleared up for me. That is what happened today.

The verse is Luke 9:59-60. Jesus calls a man. The man says ‘let me bury my father first.’ Jesus tells him that he can’t bury his father and follow him. Now to me, I didn’t care for that because I thought it would be appropriate for him to bury his father.

This is what i missed. It isn’t about burying the father. It’s about Jesus standing there saying ‘come with me,’ and the person saying ‘I can’t.’ We follow the law until it stands in the way of Christ and when we become obedient to Christ, He fulfills the law. He never said to do away with it. He said that he has sufficiently fulfilled the law.

It really is just about not letting things get in the way. Even if they seem like good things to do. It’s what takes our focus off Christ and that’s when our works start to become idols.

I am as guilty as anybody.


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