Leah and Rachel

This post is unrelated to anything it’s just some thoughts I had while reading this. Actually it might be related.

The story of Rachel and Leah in Genesis 29, relates to the marriage of Laban’s daughters to Jacob.

Jacob arranged to marry Laban’s daughter Rachel. Verse 17 says: There was no sparkle in Leah’s eyes. So, Leah was older, but it appears Rachel is more desirable. Laban agreed to marry Rachel before Leah.

Further, Jacob agreed to work for Laban for 7 years before they married. I have never dated a man for 7 years. It would have driven me crazy.  I think even now, I wouldn’t want to date someone for that long. As a 20-something, I couldn’t bear the thought.

On the wedding day, Laban switched Rachel for Leah. So, Jacob discovers on his wedding night that he has married Leah. The one with no sparkle. Imagine how that would feel. I couldn’t bear to think I wasn’t first choice.

Truthfully; however, I wonder if most people aren’t second choice to something else. Nobody looks, thinks and acts like the ideal person.  When someone looks at you every day and asks if you are worthy, and of course you are never worthy when someone looks at you that way.

Look for ways you are worthy rather than ways that you aren’t. Don’t let other people define you by the things they wish you were.

I don’t know what happened interpersonally with Leah, Rachel and Jacob, but I do know that Jacob had a lot of children by Leah. I’d like to think that he loved her. Not like Rachel clearly, but real love nonetheless.

Leah and Rachel

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