I’m caught up in reading about WWII. You see, I saw the movie ‘Unbroken’ last week, and it struck a chord with me. I’m gathering more information because I’m dumbfounded at how other people have suffered in this world, and I ask ‘why not me?’

Of course, if I suffer, I’m going to ask ‘why me?’ It’s just the nature of it.

So, I have read a bit about the holocaust, and certainly I have read about it before, seen movies and visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

The question I ask today is who looked away? Who could have helped and didn’t? I don’t judge these people because I understand cowardice, but ultimately, I’m looking at piles of bodies and I should think one of the hardest things for these victims is that nobody came to save them.

We want to matter. People work in life to matter. We build libraries, monuments, charities…all of which are a way of trying to establish a legacy in this life. Something that will exist beyond our own lives.

We want to matter.

So, I think there was a profound sense of sadness and anger on the parts of the persecuted, that nobody saved them, nobody helped. It’s a lonely thing to think that you don’t matter.

When we act in the world, we change the universe simply by our very existence. We would like to think we would have done more. Honoring life requires that by only loving others, we acknowledge that they matter.

Honoring life, honoring others. There isn’t enough of that. I’m no hypocrite, I suffer from what we all suffer from. Selfishness, fear….but I think one of the lessons of the holocaust is that people matter. One life at a time…they matter. Therefore, we matter.


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