A Fresh Look

This morning I was reading Genesis, as are millions of people who start reading the bible cover to cover in one year.

Genesis is one people know well. Kids are taught all of the marvelous stories, pastors preach.

So I figure I’ve heard every teaching possible on the subject. But today I actually think I saw something different.

I’m reading the New Living Translation, which isn’t always precise, but it’s easier to understand.

So, you have God creating man and woman. He places them in a garden and says that they might eat of any tree in the garden except the one that is the ‘Knowledge of Good and Evil.’ Being the curious sort, I wouldn’t have lasted 12 hours myself, but they appear to be getting on with it until The Deceiver approaches the woman and asks her ‘Did God really say you are not to eat from any of the trees in the garden?’

Right away it’s a lie. God didn’t say they couldn’t eat of any of them, and the Serpent knows this full well.

Eve says that God has said that they are not to eat of the tree in the middle of the yard or even touch it or they will die.

First, God didn’t give the directive straight to Eve, he gave it to Adam. Second, he didn’t say they would die if they touched it.

So Eve is tempted and it says that she wanted the wisdom it would give her.

hello, who said you would gain wisdom? You can have wisdom whether or not you know good and evil. She was deceived. Who wouldn’t want wisdom?

The wisdom was a lie. But now she can see good and evil. It leads to death. She can’t unsee what she has seen. And nobody in the history of man can unsee the horrors of death.

I can’t unsee the evil in my life and the evil all around me. I can only put myself in God’s hands and strive hard after Him. In Him is healing from all of the horrible things we see and do.

That perspective is new to me, after all these years.

A Fresh Look

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