What the Underlying Principle is

I used to be really actively opposed to abortion as a means of terminating a pregnancy. I spent time talking to people about it and urging them to get my point of view. I spent time praying about it. I gave money to Christian pro-life clinics.

I was harsher then, and more judgmental. I made it too important.

My philosophy was valid. I said that scientifically, a fertilized egg is a separate and distinct human life at conception. Any scientist will agree with that.

I think people who are pro-choice in general do believe that the fetus becomes a ‘person’ at some point in the pregnancy. They recognize that there is a life in there who feels pain, but they can’t draw a line, so they say whatever they say, up to the point where the baby comes out. Oops, I said baby. But you know what I mean.

There is this horrible third-term abortion procedure involving putting scissors into the baby’s brain before it comes out. So, the pro-lifers work on ending that practice because it gives them leverage to work their way backwards.

A baby can survive outside the womb when it’s somewhere around 22 weeks, but at that age they have a lot of medical hurdles to jump. It is still a baby, and they treat it medically. It’s problematic as medicine advances.

Women say that it’s their business, and you know, that’s awfully true. It is their body. But to say that pregnancy is a great medical risk is a little disingenuous. Let’s be honest.

For me, the bottom line is now just how we honor life.

When women get pregnant, it’s a big deal. It’s big emotionally and it affects people economically, socially, physically and so on. We can’t pretend it’s like removing a wart. Really. It’s not. We all know it.

I can’t say that another person doesn’t honor life because they think it’s ok. But when I say I think abortion is wrong because it dishonors life, that is what I think. It’s what I believe is true. I will vote for bills that curtail the number of abortions because that is my truth. It’s what I think is good for the country.

I am not; however, going to stand outside of an abortion clinic and harass scared women. I’m not threatening any abortion doctor even if I do believe they are killing human beings. That’s not my place. God hasn’t called me to do that. If others do, that’s their right.

Christians have done a lot to help young mothers to have healthy children to raise or adopt out. We try. We don’t do enough, but we do something.

The issue of life isn’t just about conception. It’s about how we treat each other. It’s about people taking their own lives. It’s about euthanasia and ethnic cleansing.

And it’s about Jesus.

We could all value life a little more highly.

“I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you today that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose life y so that you and your descendants may live”

The Holy Bible: Holman Christian standard version. (2009). (Dt 30:19). Nashville: Holman Bible Publishers.

What the Underlying Principle is

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