God’s Will

I had a job interview last week. I haven’t been to a real job interview in a very long time.

Given the social insecurity I feel, I was pretty calm about it. I wore a nice outfit. I had everything organized. I wasn’t afraid or jittery.

I also didn’t pray. Why wouldn’t I? I have prayed for everything for a while now. I know God acts in my life. I have felt grace. But this time I didn’t tap into it.

I think the reason was that I didn’t want to ask God for this job. In my own self, I want it very badly. I have to be willing for anything to happen. I cannot place God in a box. I do have a lot of faith that the right thing will come along.

So, I just felt open, serene, trusting and calm.

It was a great place to be.

God’s Will

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