Do you pray more when you are in untenable situations? I do. I wish I didn’t. I pray I won’t. I ask God to help me to remember to pray.  Sometimes I think he does.

When I was applying for disability, I had a lawyer who met with me to discuss my need to be on disability. We talked about my hobbies. I talked about scrapbooking.

I scrapbooked for 15 years. I have book after book of photos and notes and decorations that I did because I valued my family time and I wanted to give them something to remember.

Then one day, it was gone. I didn’t have the desire. It seemed pointless. Someday those scrapbooks are going to wind up in the trash. So I stopped.

She pointed out to me that the hobby wasn’t for my family, it was for me.

So, then, is prayer. God deserves it, but I’m the real recipient of the benefits of prayer. Most of the time, it’s obedience. It is faith-building, it is a moment in time where I picture the awesome power of the One who Saves Me, and I know in that moment that he is so much more than I imagine.

So, I trod my path to the best of my ability, day in and day out. What AA people call ‘the road to happy destiny.’


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