Words Are Important

I could read at a young age and I have always loved reading. I think reading benefited me in a few ways, and perhaps cursed me as well.

For me, words can be quite precise. I often search for a word with the nuance that will commute the meaning to others exactly the way I intend them to be interpreted.

When I want to say something positive, I try to convey my thoughts in the exact, effusive way I intend them. I want my erudition to mean something.

When I want to say something negative, I try to dispatch said information in several ways. First, if correcting someone’s sciolism, I try to be propitious. I don’t want to pain someone who is sincere. I evaluate their audacity to the best of my potentiality.

And finally, malevolent comments, I handle them one of four ways. First, I can respond in kind. Second, I can respond in a remonstrance fashion. Third, I can use euphemism to diffuse the situation. Finally, I can be passive aggressive.

I have to identify my motives and do the right thing.

Words Are Important

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