Looking for God

‘God could and would if he were sought.’

The words that conclude every reading of ‘How it Works’ at the beginning of AA meetings around the world. The assertion that we need a god, that he alone can heal our alcoholism. And that God could and would if he were sought.

The Higher Power gig is difficult for many people. What I have found is that the refusal or inability to rely on a power greater than oneself is the greatest stumbling block to sobriety.

As a Christian, I know to the core that God will help relieve my alcoholism if I seek Him. I haven’t always believed that He wanted to.

The thing is, while people do stumble on the higher power aspect of sobriety, it doesn’t say that you have to believe or that you have to find the right one. It doesn’t say you need to be perfect or good. What it says is that God can and will if we seek Him.

The journey is all about seeking him. People who aren’t willing to do the seeking, they won’t find God and God can’t help them. It is just the seeking. The honest effort.

Bottom line. People who don’t want to give an honest effort don’t want to be sober.

My next post will be about seeking.

Looking for God

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