One of the tools I use is the Evidence Box.

You see, when I am full of negative thinking, The only way to stop and change my mood is to think of something positive.

Maybe that’s easy for some people but I find that in my life it’s very difficult for me to pull myself out of negative thinking.

The Evidence Box is a List of truth in my life that I write down when I’m in a good place.

For example, last week my daughter brought me a box of photos we took through the years. When I pored over them a little bit, me so sad, it broke my heart. The sadness the loss.

Then I told myself the truth. The truth is that there were good times, and bad times. To allow the bad times to color my whole world is a disservice to me and to my children. It isn’t true to paint any of it as just black or white.

So what goes into my Evidence Box is that it is ok to have sadness, but have joy as well. I’m okay, the kids are okay. They have a lot of love in their lives.

Today when I looked through that box i had bittersweet feelings, but I also reminisced about the good times.


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