Anxiety – again??

I could write extensively on anxiety. It is part of my life. I thought I would share some of the things I have learned about it. Information can be really helpful.

I’m going to split this post in two because of all the information I want to share.

Anxiety, as I understand it, is fear and false pride. Certainly I have a lot of fear because I am self-centered and I will explain that.

I get scared about everything. I didn’t used to, and I certainly want to be rid of it. The anxiety I feel is most pronounced when I’m in social situations. In social situations, I try think of what I’m going to say, and I worry about how I am perceived, So, I’m not listening to the other(s), I am thinking only of myself.

Or, I compare myself disfavorably to others.

Either way, it’s self-centered.

Anxiety – again??

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