Telling Myself the Truth

I suppose this goes along the lines of ‘Denial,’ but I’m setting forth a different way to look at it.

Throughout my day I have a lot of emotions. Everybody does, I suppose. I think; however, my thoughts tend toward the negative more than they should. I’m not unique in that, but not everybody is that way either.

What I’m trying to do is replace negative thoughts with positive ones. For example, my son goes to another person for help that I wish he would come to me for. I immediately feel a sense of unworthiness and pain. There are two things that are true here. First, I’m worthy according to God. Second, he is going to someone and getting help, and that’s a positive thing.

I have fences to mend, and I’m doing that, but it gets discouraging and that’s understandable. So I try to stop, tell myself the truth and pray to God that my heart would be soft enough to believe it.

Scripture says that the woman who fears the Lord is ‘clothed with strength and dignity.’ (Psalm 31:25)

I’m trying to believe this and tell myself the truth. It’s a process.

Telling Myself the Truth

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